Pick Your Solmate!


Vidasol means the “Sun Life” - No matter where you are, enjoy life in the sun, and help protect the world around you with Vidasol! Our exclusive line of sustainably-sourced handcrafted wooden frames are designed with our environment in mind. This is why Vidasol’s line of biodegradable wooden sunglasses were created.

As a native of Northern California, I was always drawn to the great natural beauty of my surroundings. Whether I was hiking the trails of Yosemite, camping under majestic giant redwood forests, surfing the waves of the north coast or skiing the steep slopes of Lake Tahoe and Colorado, I was always out there diving in the deep end of nature. Upon the completion of college I decided that it was time to explore the natural wonders to be found outside of the U.S.. I hiked and skied the German, Austrian, Italian and Swiss alps. I explored the jungle rain forests of southeast Asia. I then discovered a new way to explore and experience natures wonders through scuba diving. It was when diving in Thailand that I first became alarmed and then saddened by the amount of plastic debris that I began to see in the ocean and on the beaches.

Something had to be done to eliminate this scourge to natures beauty. I read that it takes over 17 million barrels of oil to create all the water bottles used in the U.S. in just one year alone. Plastic is just everywhere in our society and the realization that we must raise our awareness of the need to cut back on the use of this destructive substance was critical to natures survival. The idea for Vidasol biodegradable wooden sunglasses was born. A good pair of stylish sunglasses were something I could not go without during my travels, but did they have to made of non biodegradable eyewear materials like plastic and metal? I thought an attractive alternative could be found and utilized. I found that the natural and renewable resource of wood would be a perfect alternative.

The win win solution of Vidasol wooden sunglasses would help you look good while protecting both your eyes and our precious environment.

Let's all agree to "Be The Change" and cut way back on our use of plastic. We got this!