Plant A Tree


No matter what corner of the country you’re in, we are all connected through our magnificent forests. That’s why here at VIDASOL, we have partnered with the National Forest Foundation, to plant 50 million trees across the United States. Not only are our eco-friendly sunglasses ethically sourced, but we’re taking an active role in restoring our nation’s natural beauty. Our forests play a vital part in maintaining balance in our ecosystem and are the most efficient natural system for pulling carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere.

What can you do to support our national forests and reduce your impact?



That’s all possible with the purchase of VIDASOL eco-friendly sunglasses.

When we invest in vibrant, healthy forests, we can collectively lower our carbon footprint and reduce the strain we place on the environment. Trees can absorb CO2 and store it away in their trunks, branches, and roots, known as “carbon sequestration.”

The average American has a carbon footprint of 20 tons of CO2 every year, but did you know that one single tree can sequester half a ton of CO2 over its 100-year lifetime? Each of us can offset our impact by simply planting 40 trees!

VIDASOL is committed to being a leader in eco-friendly sunglasses and always ethically sourcing our materials, as well as actively regenerating our national forests. There are over 1 million acres in need of reforestation. Will you join us?

Check out your personalized carbon footprint by visiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s Carbon Footprint Calculator.